The 2019 Fall Season starts on September 22th, 2019.

Date Away Home Time Location
22-Sep SCL v SJA 12:00 McMaster
AMM v SLM 1:30 McMaster
OLG v SPH 3:00 McMaster
29-Sep SJA v AMM 12:00 McMaster
OLG v SCL 1:30 McMaster
SPH SLM 3:00 McMaster
6-Oct SCL v SPH 12:00 McMaster
OLG v AMM 1:30 McMaster
SLM v SJA 3:00 McMaster
13-Oct SLM v OLG 12:00 McMaster
SJA v SPH 1:30 McMaster
AMM v SCL 3:00 McMaster
20-Oct SPH v AMM 12:00 McMaster
SCL v SLM 1:30 McMaster
SJA v OLG 3:00 McMaster
27-Oct Playoffs unless rainouts/make-ups needed
3-Nov Playoffs
10-Nov Playoffs if needed
McMaster Park (corner of Yukon/Artesia)