Do I have to be Roman Catholic to play in this League?

Although we are a Catholic Christian League, you do not have to be a practicing Catholic to play with us. We welcome all persons from all different backgrounds and beliefs to come play with us.


What is required/recommended to play in the League?

No experience necessary! Just an excitement and desire to learn and play softball. We have many different players from beginners who have never really played softball before to those who played in school on the playground and in organized sporting activities. We want to foster stewardship, friendship, fellowship, good sportsmanship, and an overall joy for the game.


When does the season start?

The South Bay Catholic Adult Softball League (SBCASL) season usually starts in the beginning of February.


When does the season end?

The SBCASL season usually ends at the end of June.


Where are the games played?

We play our games in the South Bay. Specifically, at Wilson Park and McMaster Park in Torrance, and sometimes at El Nido Park in Redondo Beach.


What times are the games?

This is dependent on Field availability, but our games are usually scheduled in the late morning into the early afternoon.  (11:00 am, 12:30 pm, 2:00 pm, & 3:30 pm.)


Do we play on the “Holidays”?

We don’t schedule games on Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day Weekend, and Father’s Day so that our players can enjoy those holidays with their families.


Do we play in the rain?

In the event of a possible rain-out, the fields will be evaluated by the local parks and recreation crew along with our officiating crew. Once a determination has been made, your Team Manager will be notified by the appointed League Administrators in as much a timely manner as is possible under the current circumstances of the day.
Always wait to hear from your own Team Manager and feel free to check the League Facebook Page to hear of any information regarding any games being rained out. If you don’t hear or read of anything, your game(s) will be played as scheduled.


What does the League Fee cover?

The League Fee covers the rental fees of the Fields, the fees of the umpires, and the purchase of softball equipment.


How many teams make the playoffs?

The top half of the League are eligible to make the playoffs.


When are the playoffs and how many weeks does it take?

The playoffs are the last couple weeks of the season which usually is in June.


Who is eligible to play in the playoffs?

Any player who participates during the regular season games is eligible to play in the playoffs.  Note that players may only play on one team within our league during the same season.  There is no sharing of players between teams.  Playing on a second team will result in a forfeit for the team.


What Churches are part of this League?

Please refer to our Teams Page to see which Churches/Parishes are involved in the SBCASL.
If you would like to form a team to represent your Church/Parish, please contact our League Commissioner, Jaymer J. Suarez.


Who created the SBCASL Website?

This website was made by Brandon Wanta of WantaFix.com. If you are in need of a new website, or any tech advice, please consider using him.