2016 Rule Highlights

  • Every manager must have each opposing team player sign the roster book at the beginning of each game.
  • Managers must have each of their players sign the insurance liability form prior to playing in the league. Each manager will also turn in a roster within the first 3 weeks of the season which includes names, phone numbers, and email addresses of each of their players.  Players may be added to the roster throughout the regular season as long as the manager notifies Admin (Cindy) by Friday at 5 pm via email/text/phone.  Only players who played during the regular season are allowed to participate in post season play.
  • There is a six run limit (to the end of play of the 6th run scoring) for all innings except the last inning.
  • Every player must bat. There are no substitutions in the batting order.  At least two of the first five batters in the batting order must be female.
  • Every player must play two innings on defense. Neither of those two innings can include the last inning of the game.
  • Base runners can lead off as soon as the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand, but must return to their base or risk being picked off if the batter does not contact the ball. (Exception – on a short pitch the ball is dead and no play can be made on a base runner.)
  • Three outfielders must be behind the 160’ line for all female batters until the bat hits the ball. The umpire is responsible for clarifying where the line is located at all fields.
  • Pitchers may pitch from any location around the pitching rubber, but no farther than 55’ from home plate.
  • Each team must have 4 female players and a minimum of 7 players to start a game. In the event of only 3 female players, teams may play with a maximum of 6 male players defensively and will take an out at the end of their batting order each time through the batting lineup.
  • First base is a double bag. Batter/base runner must touch the portion of the bag in foul territory when running through on first base.    Batter/baserunner may only touch the fair portion of the base when rounding to advance or attempting to advance to 2nd  (In the event that first base is not a double bag, the first baseman must make every attempt to only contact the inside edge of the bag when making a play).
  • Runners MUST SLIDE OR AVOID CONTACT with a defensive player when advancing to the next base.
  • Players may NOT play on another team within the SBCASB League. Players may not be shared between teams.
  • Coaches must notify opposing coach and umpire of any players needing substitute runners prior to the start of the game. Players injured during the game are entitled to substitute runners as well, and umpire/coaches should be notified as soon as possible.  The substitute runner must be the same gender as well as the last preceding out.  Managers are required to keep track of their batting order so that they can substitute the correct runner.  If a sub runner is on base when their turn to bat comes up, they are allowed to bat without penalty.  Another substitute runner is to be put in his/her place following the same rule of gender and last preceding out.
  • No new inning can start after 80 minutes of play from game start (opening prayer).
  • Bat Restrictions – all bats will be inspected by the umpire and must comply with ASA Coed standards as set by the City of Torrance. Women can use any bat on the approved ASA list. Men may not use full composite, double wall or triple wall bats.  Any questions can be directed to the umpires first and then the Torrance field staff.  Use of an illegal bat will be a warning the first time and expulsion the second time.
  • Bats not in use are to be kept inside the dugouts or within the bat holder during the game.
  • There will be no batting warm ups before or between games.
  • Keep previously used game balls for backup at future games.
  • Players arriving late are added to the bottom of the batting order. Late players can be added only up until the bottom of the third inning.
  • Players leaving early – no penalty if disclosed before start of game. If not disclosed, the player will be considered out only the first time through the batting order.
  • Players injured during the game who are unable to bat at their next turn, will receive an out only the first time through the batting order.
  • Representative from both the home team and the visiting team of the first and last game at each field are to assist the umpire in placing the bases or returning the bases to storage. Failure to do so throughout the season will result in loss of the $30 umpire deposit.  First game of the day teams are asked to come 15 minutes early to assist the umpire.  Delay in helping the umpire with the bases before the first game will result in loss of game time.
  • At the end of the 5th inning, a losing team may opt to discontinue play. The opposing team may not decline this option if it is invoked.
  • Coach of home team of last game at each field is to retrieve the game results (including scores) from the umpire and emails the results to Cindy within 24 hours of games.


Click here to download the Official Softball Playing Rules.